Heat Press Pillow

By the time you have created your design and carefully prepared your heat press vinyl, you are so excited to see the finished product! With all the time and effort you have put into selecting the perfect material, visualizing the finished product and gathering the supplies you need, you can’t imagine anything going wrong. But don’t take that last step without taking the proper precautions. There are some elements of your materials that you have to take extra care to insulate against the extreme heat of your iron or your heat press machine. Heat transfer pillows are the best way to shield your design and your materials during a transfer. Heat press pillows will keep zippers, creases, buttons, rhinestones and other embellishments from ruining a perfect heat transfer design. Find a wide array of dimensions here at Huckabay Heat Press and Vinyl Solutions, designed to accommodate any of your projects. You can buy one pillow to accommodate your current creation or pillow sets of 2, 3 or 5.

Take your time looking through the marvelous selection of heat transfer pillows and pillow bundles we offer here. These non-stick pressing pillows are top quality so that you can rest easy knowing that your heat press designs will transfer easily and beautifully. The pillows we offer are high-temperature memory phone and will help shield details like zippers, buttons, seems and more. There is no limit to what you can create with the right equipment, and here at Huckabay Heat Press and Vinyl Solutions we are excited to be your one-stop shop for all the equipment and materials you need. Shop the vinyl that you need, from matte black vinyl rolls to sheets of glitter vinyl and everything in between. When you need tools, don’t miss our great deals on weeders, Kampsnaps pliers and more.